Did you know that a product’s Logo Colours influences 60 to 80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision?

Choosing your logo colours is an important decision because of its long term implications and its role in creating differentiation among competitors’ logos.

When designing your Logo you want to be sure that you are using the correct colour scheme to influence your target audience, for instance, if you have a cooking company, you wouldn’t use the colour blue in your logo as it is an appetite suppressant.

See the reference below to show you how logo colours make people feel:

Red – Exciting, demands attention

Orange – Fun, ambitious

Yellow – Happiness, optimism

Green – Growth, Nature

Blue – Trust, Loyalty

Violet – Prosperity, royalty

Grey – Solid, timeless

White – Cleanliness, clarity

Brown – Earthy, organic

Black – Elegance, power

You can download a visual guide to what Logo Colours communicate here

Some fun facts about the Psychology of Logo Colours:

84.7% of consumers state that colour is the primary reason that buy a particular product

A massive 93% of consumers judge a product on its visual appearance

80% of consumers think logo colours increase brand recognition

When designing your Logo, ask your Graphic Designer for their input, Every colour, including black and white, has implications for logo design. You need to pick your logo colours carefully to enhance specific elements of the logo and give meaning to your message with the use of shade and tone.








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