A domain name is a set of letters and/or numbers that makes up a specific web site address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your website.

The ending of the domain name typically indicates the country you’re from, for example a .com.au website indicates an Australian website, a .co.nz website indicates a New Zealand website. But just having a .com URL could be a general name and is generic to any or all countries, which can sometimes be damaging to your website if you want to focus on a certain geographic location.

For example: Jett Print’s domain name is jettprint.com.au. Which means our internet address (or URL) is www.jettprint.com.au.

So if you were after your own specific web site address you would like to register your own domain name ie. if your business name is “Jett’s Dog Treats” you would register the domain jettsdogtreats.com.au.

Then your web site address would be www.jettsdogtreats.com.au and you would then create an email addresses of your own ie. jett@jettsdogtreats.com.au or eat@jettsdogtreats.com.au.

It is good practice to purchase not only your specific domain name, but also your domain name with other endings as well, for example, your main domain would be jettsdogtreats.com.au, but you would also purchase the following domain names: jettsdogtreats.com, jettsdogtreats.net, jettsdogtreats.net.au.

This prevents others from using a domain similar to yours and them reaping the benefits instead of you!





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