Using Social Media for Business

There are some businesses that are run solely through social media alone, without the use of a website, this is not a decision to make lightly, doing so would need the skills of an experienced social media marketing guru, do not attempt this alone!

Using social media for business present great marketing opportunities, some common uses for social media for business include:

Promote your brand & business

Keep existing & potential customers informed on your products & services

Give your customers a platform to freely share their experience with your business for potential customers to make an informed decision on whether to use your business or not

Run competitions & giveaways

There are many advantages for using social media for business

You can direct your posts to a targeted audience, so you know you will reach those customers who matter the most

It’s free! Well mostly, if you don’t need to pay an expert to run your social media campaigns

It’s quick! You can quickly distribute information to many people using social media for business

It’s easy! You don’t have to be an IT expert to utilise the benefits of social media for business

As with everything on line, there are risks, such as:

If you’re social media for business posts aren’t reaching a targeted audience and generating leads & sales,  it’s a waste of time & money

If a customer has had a unpleasant experience with your business & decide to share this experience on your social media, their negative review will outweigh 10 positive ones

The most popular social media platforms used for business are:






Find which one/s best suit your business needs & start connecting socially with your customer today!






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