A Professional Graphic Designer can benefit your business in more ways than one, you may think that you can’t afford to utilise the services of a Graphic Designer, the fact is, you can’t afford NOT to use a Professional Graphic Designer.

Below is a few points to take into consideration

1. Doing your own Graphic Design is a waste of time

Don’t waste your time fiddling around on programs that you don’t fully understand, or worse, use programs that aren’t capable of outputting a file suitable for printing. The time you spend learning how to make things work in a free program available on your computer is wasted, as 99% of the time, it will have to be reformatted by a professional to make it work when it comes to printing. Hiring a Graphic Designer to do the work for you means you can get that project done quickly & professionally. Do it right, do it once.

2. Don’t look like everybody else

We have all seen the printed material with the free clip art images, or worse, templates used from online companies, that another thousand businesses just like yours have used. Your business is never to going to stand out or appear professional if your printed material looks just like everybody else’s. Spend the money to make your branding unique, stand out in the crowd.

3. You need all your printed material to look consistent

If you use different logos, different colours, different fonts and different messages everywhere, it’s hard to convey a professional message, and you won’t stand out as unique. Graphic Designers know the importance of keeping things consistent. Your customers may not notice if you used two different fonts, but the subconscious mind picks up details and uses them to form an overall opinion of your business. Consistency is a must.

4. You need all your printed material to look awesome

Graphic Designers have creative minds, and they like to help their clients get the most out of every project. Hiring a Graphic Designer is likely to mean that you’ll end up with a better finished product than you could have ever imagined, even if you’re skilled at making things look good. His or her ideas may lead to a more eye-catching, more appealing and more polished piece than you would have created – leading to more attention from potential customers and more sales.

Jett Print has helped many clients take their print project to the next level with professional Graphic Design, we have clients in Brisbane, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and beyond. We pride ourselves on our communication & quick response time.









Do you have a new Graphic Design project that you’d like to get started on? Contact Jett Print today

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