Jett Print pride ourselves on printing environmentally using sustainable methods & recycled or FSC stocks. We print using low energy UV, see below for an explanation

UV Printing – A Greener option

UV inks are also solvent-free, contain no HAPs and dry via exposure to UV Light, a process that generates no byproducts and is emissions (VOC)-free making it much safer for the environment, benefiting all of us.

UV inks perform exceptionally well on recycled substrates, yielding “greener” products with higher recyclable value. UV printing produces NO dangerous chemicals that are on the list of regulated Hazardous Air Pollutants produced by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The UV printing process surpasses all the EPA emissions standards. The benefits of UV print being insoluble means it is put into landfill it remains a solid and doesn’t biodegrade back into the environment. Clean technology without any (VOCs) thereby preserving the environment.

Other UV Printing Advantages

 No wasted drying time

Conventional printing inks require time to dry after they are printed. This means additional time for your job to dry before it can be cut, folded and finished.

UV printing inks are completely dry and cured when they come off the press. UV Printing speeds up this process. Printing materials can go directly to bindery without any wasted drying time.

UV ink is ideal for High Speed Lasers

UV ink is specially formulated to withstand the extreme heat of high speed lasers, conventional ink is used for the pre-printed letterheads can pick due to the heat in laser printers. This results in quality issues and possible damage to the laser printer.  UV ink is a better option for printing items that need to go through a laser printer.

No solvents for Drying and brighter colours

Instead of having solvents in the ink that evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper, UV inks dry through a photomechanical process.

When the inks are exposed to ultraviolet lights they turn from a liquid, or paste, to a solid.  There is significantly less evaporation of solvents and much less absorption of the ink into the stock.

This is advantageous for many reasons.  One of the biggest advantages of UV printing is that there are fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment since there is no evaporation of the solvents like with conventional inks.

The ink dot is left sitting on top of the uncoated sheet, where it presents a cleaner less contaminated dot, ultimately giving more vibrant colour.






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