Starting a Business is not something that happens over night.

Starting a Business can have many benefits, and if done correctly can be very profitable & successful. There are many things to consider when Starting a Business:

How will you fare financially?

Will you need to employee people?

Can you do you own accounts & bookkeeping?

What sort of Business are you starting?

Are you knowledgeable in the field of your Business?

Creating a Business Plan & having a clear vision of what you want to achieve is imperative when Starting a Business. It is great to have this to reference to & get back on track if you stray off course. Devising a Marketing Plan & checking out your competitors is a must, know how much they are selling a similar product. Can you add something to it (add value) to make yours different and hence make it a more enticing price? For example, perhaps your Business would like to provide an additional year of guarantee/warranty at no cost?

Be confident when Starting a Business & don’t be a afraid to seek help with the start up.

Having a good accountant is a great start, always consult a professional with regards to financial information when Starting a Business.

Another area to seek professional advice with is your Branding, which is where Jett Print steps in, we can work with you on a Business Logo, your Branding Colours, Printing (business cards, flyers, brochures, stationery etc) & Website. A well presented and trustworthy website is essential. It needs to look professional and work with ease.

Spend time developing an excellent social media presence. This can be done well before the business is ready, increasing anticipation. Use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and any other social media you participate in to build excitement and spread the word. You want to build a buzz so that people will begin following your progress. (Be sure to choose business accounts for your business and keep your personal accounts separate. The messages you send should be tailored differently, depending on which account you’re sending from). Check out this previous blog post on using Social Media for Business.

You can click this link here for more useful information on Starting a Business.








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