Raised Print & Spot UV Business Cards are easy to set up!

Here at Jett Print we make it really easy for you to supply your files print ready so we can print your raised print or Spot UV business cards.

Create your business card file as normal, in a correct design program, such as InDesign, Illustrator or Corel. Unfortunately any files created on the Microsoft Platform (word, publisher, power point etc) are not suitable for printing, see more about that here.

Decide which areas of your business cards will have the raised print or Spot UV on it & create a file with those elements only, and make all that area in 100% Magenta, ensure that these elements of the raised print business cards are in the exact same position of where you want them to go over. If you intend an image element to be raised printed or Spot UV’d, create a mask of that complete area and make that 100% magenta.

You can click here to download Jett Print’s file for Raised Print/Spot UV Business cards for a visual on this, you can see page 2 of the PDF is the intend raised print area to go over the front of the business cards.

When you supply your raised print/spot UV business card files to Jett Print, you will supply the raised print/Spot UV file separately to your print ready file, however, all files will be output the same, with correct bleed, crop marks etc. you can see more on that here.

When outputting your raised print/Spot UV business cards file/s, it is really important, that nothing has moved in the output process, it is good practice to layer the two files over each other, to ensure that they line up








Jett Print Raised Print & Spot UV Business Cards are printed using the highest quality stocks.

If you have any questions about our Raised Print or Spot UV Business Cards Printing Services, Graphic or Website Design services, please email us. We have the design & printing solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers (Byron Bay) & The Sunshine Coast.

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