Service, quality and price all play big parts in customers decisions on whether they will purchase from you or not.

So what do you need to focus on to make sure your business keep increasing in sales?

Here at Jett Print, we don’t compromise on quality just to save a few dollars, our pricing just so happens to be amazingly cheap!

We also know our service is pretty damn good too, how do we know? Because our customers tell us! You can check out our facebook reviews here and also our testimonials.

There is nothing worse than having to hand over money and not getting the service you deserve, you have to feel appreciated when making a purchase, it’s important that this rings true when customers are purchasing from you too.

Customers don’t mind paying top dollar for a quality product, but if your competitor is selling the exact same product for the same price (or even higher!), but they also make the customer feel amazing when they buy it, chances are your competitor is going to get the sale.

Follow on sales are extremely important, don’t just take a customer’s money & never make contact with them again, email them & thank them for their purchase or send them a little thank you card in the mail, something that make you stand out from your competitors.

You have more chances of return customers coming back to buy from you again then new people walking in the door, so it’s important to look after them & make them appreciated.







If you have any questions about our Online Printing Services, Graphic or Website Design services, please email us. We have the design & printing solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers (Byron Bay) & The Sunshine Coast.

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