There is no project too big or too small. The sky is the limit when it comes to the things you need in school.

While some things move into a digital format, schools and educational institutions still rely on quality print pieces that they can use as educational tools and resources for their students. For this, you have to choose a printing service that can maximize results for the needs of school printing. Despite an increase in digital resources, there are still many ways educators use print in schools. From worksheets and homework assignments to study guides and tests. Educators are still printing a lot of documents each school year.

While it’s true that many schools’ systems throughout Australia are switching to digital for textbooks, especially now that distant learning is required. But for other documents needed? Print materials are still called for.

It’s no denying that even with this digital era we are in now, schools still need printing. Printing for schools is more than just textbooks. There a lot of school materials such as custom folders, envelopes, and letterhead are still very much in demand. School marketing materials, from postcards to large format banners still needs to be printed.

Let’s say, digital technology has complemented print, rather than superseding it. The relative ease of digital design in particular, has led to an explosion in demand for mass customized prints for schools and other institutions. Rather than replacing print, digital technology has in fact, made it more effective and accessible.

We can’t displace print materials because they tend to offer a more lasting connection than their digital counterparts. Materials such as greeting cards and notepads could theoretically exist solely on digital formats but are still very much a part of everyday school life.

Let me ask you, are you able to developed a strong bond with content you’ve read on e-Books?

Print materials are here to stay. As crazy as it might seem for today’s generation, print’s sense of permanence is strong and undeniable.

Consider a printing service in producing quality print pieces for use in the education industry and equipped with all of the tools to produce these pieces efficiently and quickly, without ever sacrificing quality. Jett Print is your local and copy shop servicing Brisbane, Springfield, Ipswich, Ripley, Greenbank and also accepts and deliver Australia wide.

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