COVID-19 was & still is affecting the Brisbane businesses. Protecting your business and customers during Covid-19 is at the forefront of every business owner at the moment.

As well are all aware by now a new strain of Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in Brisbane. But there are still a number of things that we can do to help support local businesses, Employees and Consumers.

As I am sure you would have seen at your local shops, businesses are closing their doors and this is causing more and more Australians to lose their jobs dur to COVID-19.

But I have noticed that the shops that have stayed open have put some great measures in place to protect both employees and customers from the virus.

Visual aids in the printing industry are becoming more and more popular with everyone wanting to make sure that they are safe when not at home the Covid-19 virus.

Especially items such as COVID-19 signs on doors, COVID-19 decals/stickers on floors, COVID-19 posters placed on walls as a constant reminder on how to adhere to the rules & stay safe.

Jett Print are here to help you with protecting your business and customers during Covid-19, with custom printed COVID-19 safety items as mention above & many more items as well.

We also suggest you have disposable face masks & hand sanitiser at the ready for both customers and staff.

This terrible virus has changed the way operate our businesses and go about day to day life, with so much uncertainty at the moment, putting the above measures into place will definitely help you protect not only your customers but your staff as well.

Jett Print recommend you go to THIS WEBSITE to keep up with the latest rules & regulations laid out by the Queensland Government to ensure you are complying and lessen the risk of fines, or even worse, closure of your business.

Some import things to consider during these difficult times:

  • Follow the public health directions to keep your business and customers Safe.
  • Ensure staff and customers observe physical distancing.
  • Collect and keep customer details (if required).
  • Don’t allow staff or customers showing any  symptoms to enter your premises.

Protecting your business and customers during Covid-19