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Jett Print Spot UV Business Cards are printed full colour on Ultra Thick 450 Gsm Art Board + a Plush Velvet Celloglaze 2 sides with Spot UV on 1 side.

Spot UV is an extra process (on top of the velvet celloglaze) that adds a contrasting high-gloss clear finish to specific ‘spots’ ie. to highlight your logo or part of the design.

If you’re looking for a Business Card that’s going to stand out from the rest, this is it!

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Jett Print believes everybody needs Spot UV Business Cards, but how do you make your Spot UV Business Cards stand out amongst all the other ones in your potential client’s or business partner’s possession?

Back in the day a  Spot UV Business Cards just had a logo & contact information on it. A trend is emerging where everyone wants to be different. So perhaps going back to basics is the key to standing out?

Below are five tips on how to make your  Spot UV Business Cards memorable

1. Don’t print your Spot UV Business Cards on thin card or paper. I cannot stress this enough, handing out cards that are not superior in quality give your client the impression that you are not professional. Never print your Business Cards on a stock any less than 300 gsm.

2. Don’t have too much information on your Spot UV Business Cards. Keep it simple, make sure your contact information is easy to read. Tell your client who you are & what you are about. Always have your email address on your Business Card, you might just think you will only have to put your website on there because your email address is on your website, don’t make this mistake. Make it easy for someone to contact you.

3. Have your Social Media icons on your Spot UV Business Cards. People love to go online & find out how potential clients & business partners present themselves, what feedback they are getting & what previous work they have done.

4. Resist the urge to go overboard with Colours, Graphics & Fonts. Getting crazy with a design does make your Recycled Business Cards stand out, but for the wrong reason, it will look too busy and it will not be retained for future reference.

5. Go for something out of the ordinary, but still keeping it simple & clean. Have your Recycled Business Cards Die Cut, Foiled, UV Varnished etc. But don’t get more than one embellishment on your Business Card, it would be too over the top. Any embellishments will definitely make your Business Card memorable, and give your client a positive, professional impression of you

Check out this link for some really out there & creative Spot UV Business Cards.

A good Spot UV Business Cards is one of the best marketing tools you’ll ever invest in and remember, make sure you always have a small supply of your business Cards on you, you never know when you will met a potential contact.







If you have thought of revamping your Business Card or don’t have one, contact Jett Print to discuss how to make your Business Card work for you.

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Additional information


450 Gsm Art Board


90 x 55 mm, 86 x 54 mm, 90 x 45 mm

Print Sides

1 Side, 2 Sides

Velvet Celloglazed

2 Sides

Spot UV

1 Side


250, 500, 1,000, 2,000

1 review for Spot UV Business Cards

  1. Julie-Ann Manahan Raine&Horne Ocean Shores

    Jodie & the team at Jett Print just awesome to work with… no job too small or too big.. great turnaround time every time !! Love your work !!

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