Car Magnets


Printed on a .8mm heavy duty magnetic rubber with a polyester laminate for extra protection, these magnets won’t fly off!

When applied to your vehicle doors, these magnets act as a traveling billboard.

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Car Magnets

Printed on a .9mm heavy duty magnetic rubber with a polyester laminate for extra protection. Jett Print Car Magnets aren’t going any where!

Applied to vehicle doors, these Jett Print Car Magnets act as a traveling billboard. Jett Print Car Magnets can be constantly removed and re-used but should not be used as a permanent vehicle marking or on cars traveling at high speeds.

With some affordable car door magnets, your car becomes a mobile ad and every job site becomes a testimonial to your business. Choose from assorted Jett Print Car magnets sizes. Put your name and web address on one, your business motto on another, whatever you want customers to know. Create your car magnets in a way that attract attention, they must be easy to read in a split second.

When your business is vehicle-related (such as a mechanic or tyre place), why not make your & your staffs vehicles one of your most powerful marketing tools? Car door magnets are a a very affordable way to turn your cars and trucks into hard to miss mobile ads.

There’s no better place to advertise your business services than on the car that you drive and park near the homes of potential customers. Jett Print car magnets are perfect for this!

Your car is not just your transportation, it’s an eye-catching traveling ad that you drive through the neighborhoods you service every day, with your Jett Print car magnets on display for everyone to see

they have become a powerful tool in advertising, and their varied use proves how effective they can be in promoting a wide range of products and services.

Here are some reason why you should be using them:

They’re versatile

They’re functional

They’re completely customisable

They’re very durable, hey last a long time

They’re mobile!

They provide unlimited exposure

They’re easy to use & can be transferred from car to car

but most importantly, car magnets are economincal

order your car magnets from Jett Print


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400 x 200 mm, 600 x 200 mm, 600 x 300 mm, 600 x 400 mm


1 Set (2 Magnets)


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