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Stickers are a great promotional tool.

They can be applied to pretty much any surface and are very economical to produce. Stickers can be printed in any colour combination, cut to any shape (circles, hearts, stars, any shape!) and can have a variety of embellishments (foiling, laminating etc) added. Making your Stickers unique & memorable.

Stickers can be made to last the distant, using printing methods which utilise special UV resistant inks with vinyl adhesive. They can be completely heat & water proof. Making sure they stick around forever.

There are many uses for Printed Stickers, below are a few ideas of where to apply them:

Shopping Bags




Thank You Cards

Drink Bottles


You could also have some Bumper Stickers printed to have as giveaways, your customers will be appreciative of the gift and it means free advertising for you when they stick them on their car!

Stickers can also be very practical, Jett Print produce a lot of stickers for clients that use them on everyday products in their businesses, most commonly bulk bought bags & bottles that are filled with their product & the stickers are used for easy & effective labeling, and sometime sealing for freshness. Bar coding is another feasible use for stickers.

Stickers are supplied in a few different ways, depending on preference & how you would like to apply them, the most common is on a roll, followed by multiple stickers top cut & supplied on sheets. They can also be cut to size & supplied as individuals.










If you have any questions about Stickers or any other printing, please email us. We provide printing solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including The Northern Rivers, The Tweed Coast, The Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Til the next blog, ciao

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