Print procurement is very important. Every organisation, no matter how large or small and irrespective of the sector in which it operates, has a need at some time for print. It is important that print is procured professionally and effectively not just from the commercial point of view. This is because the image which a printed product conveys about your company will influence how your suppliers and customers view your organisation.

Print plays a major role in businesses today. Many organizations dedicate a significant amount of time and spend to marketing materials, documents and forms. It is essential that these paper products are high quality, cost-effective and secure. And just as important as the items themselves is the process used in producing them. The main purpose of planning for print procurement, or the management of printing jobs as well as the costs associated with it, is to offer organizations a way to consolidate and save. By planning in advance, businesses are able to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. This in turn leads to higher profits. There are a handful of key factors to take into consideration when considering a potential supplier for your print procurement: Price, Quality and Delivery.


Businesses tend to spend a lot on print resources. On average, printing costs represent between 3-5% of a business’ operating expenses. That’s a considerable amount spent applying ink to paper. And while external print purchases only make up a portion of those costs. This can have a big impact on bottom line profitability. However, there’s a significant opportunity to reduce spend by paying careful attention to how collateral is purchased and used. When companies order in bulk, they receive better terms.

Quality print procurement

A good quality printed copy gives a good first impression of your business. It reflects the quality of service you offer and the standards you set in your company. Quality printed materials, therefore, give start-up businesses the credibility that they need to build a loyal customer base. When it comes to optimizing the process of print procurement, the primary goals are to reduce costs and improve efficiency, without sacrificing quality. And that is exactly what businesses must look for in a distributor. By partnering with a print company that is up to date on the latest technologies and innovations, you can significantly enhance production times, without exceeding budget.


Packaging and delivery is equally as important as the price and quality. Always ensure that your supplier provide accurate details about direct mailings at the quoting stage of your project.  Deadlines are of paramount importance so make sure your supplier is aware of your deadlines. Also, work with your supplier to ensure that delivery are provided on time. Choose a supplier with extensive transportation network, shipping and fulfillment expertise, and agile scheduling capabilities. They must know how to maximize the use of container space while ensuring that shipments arrive undamaged and on time. Communication is the key component when choosing your printed items. Use your suppliers to offer advice, Their expertise and knowledge to ensure you receive the best possible printed items. This will help achieve the required results at the most competitive prices. Jett Print offer you a one of a kind design service, no fuss online printing, friendly customer service and a quality guarantee. To view our entire range of printed products and services click here.

Print procurement