Personalized custom printed product labels and packaging makes your business stand out in the market and also adds a value of authenticity towards customers. These personalized labels make your brand more reputable and well known among the general public.

For any business small or medium scale, it wants to grow professionally these labels and packaging are a core part of the marketing of a brand. A well-designed label having a company’s logo and detailed information about the product with the right use of color and font size and add much to the merchandise.

Business owners hire professional graphic designers to perform this job for them. A graphic designer uses the company’s logo and other information and selects the right color scheme while coordinating the business owner and then designs the labels for the company’s products in such a way that they can target a large audience.

The product labels are available in Roller and straight sheets.

Roller sheets:

These are used for a large number of labels/stickers ranging from 100-25000. Made up of three materials paper, plastic, and vinyl these types of labels are weather resistant.

Straight sheets:

They are used when a limited amount of labels are needed 10-5000 labels. These stickers have can 4 four colors white, clear, gold, and silver. Made from paper and plastic they can be used indoor and outdoor.


Types of product labels

Paper labels:

These types of customized labels are made up of a single material i.e. paper and thus are ideal for the products to be used indoor. For example, Dry food labels that will have no contact with water.

Plastic labels:

Plastic labels are ideal for the products to be used both indoor and outdoor. Having a plastic layer does not get affected when comes to contact with water, oil, or other substances.

Vinyl labels:

They are the best of all and they not only withstand the weather conditions but are also dishwasher resistant.

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