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Online Business Card Printing is easy, right? Well for most people, the answer is yes, but you need the right guidance, so you make a good first impression with your Business Cards.

Naturally you want your Business Cards to project a positive image. But the real secret is to start using your business card as something other than just a means to pass on your contact information. Your Business Card should also be designed & printed to promote yourself and your Business.

Here are some tips to help generate interest with your Business Card Printing & Design

Does Your Business Card give the right impression?
When someone sees your Business Card for the first time, they should instantly be able to know what it is you have to offer them. For example, if you’re a Real Estate Agent, does your Business Card display this prominently enough? Do you have a photo of a house printed on your Business Card? Is the title printed on your Business Card: Real Estate Agent? Are the words: Real Estate Agent printed as part of your Logo? You get the picture.

Brand, brand, brand!
Keep your branding consistent, on everything. Your colours, fonts, logos & taglines, should be printed on your Business Cards, the same that they are all printed on your Brochures or printed on your Envelopes. Everything your Business prints should have the same look & feel.

Don’t make it all about you!
Jett Print often see Business Cards Printed & Designed with the person’s name very prominently displayed. A Business Card is better used to communicate what you & your Business can offer your potential clients. For instance: say you’re a customer in the market for a new Car and are handed a business card by a salesperson. Which would get your interest more…a prominent tagline that says “We guarantee the workmanship on ALL our cars” or the fact that the salesperson’s name is JOHN DOE?

Colour Sets the Tone.
Don’t go overboard with different colours. But make sure that your Business Card Printing is done is full colour. This doesn’t mean you have to print every colour under the sun on your Business Card, make that your colours compliment each other & give that real wow factor. See our Facebook post here for a visual guide to what colours communicate.

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