Not all printers are created equal

At Jett print, we see all too often the products and the problems that come with using a ‘cheap’ printer (we won’t mention any names). Problems that come when a business does not offer the best customer service or products that they can for their clients.

Jett Print has the fix.

Price, service, quality and turn around. These need to all work together in order for you, the consumer, to receive the perfect finished product.

Cutting corners when it comes to service and quality, simply isn’t in our nature.

The Jett Print team go far beyond the normal level of customer service standards in our industry. We love printing, we understand printing, we have educated classes and clients alike on printing terminology, processes and production.

It’s what we do.

We happily extend this industry knowledge to all our customers and every print job that we produce. If we see that something is not going to work, not going to achieve the very best result for our clients, we do something about it.

We are real people, who really do care about your printing.

Jett Print also strive to keep all our prices as low as possible. But we will not sacrifice quality for price. We have seen it done, by those who will not be named, all too many times and the printed product is always a disappointment and in the long run, is more expensive once reprints are necessary, not to mention the time wasted.

As a Jett Print standard, we also offer super fast turn around on most of our products. Once again, we have to be honest, our team will not sacrifice quality or product performance over turn around time. Sometimes, some jobs, require a little longer to produce to the quality standard that will be required for the life of your product. We understand those jobs, those process and we do our very best to make it work for your time frame.

We pride ourselves on being a customer service based business. Printing and producing a large range of high quality promotional products above the average industry standards.

If you haven’t yet given Jett Print a go, what’s stopping you?






If you have any questions about our Online Printing Services, Graphic or Website Design services, please email us. We have the design & printing solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers (Byron Bay) & The Sunshine Coast.

Til the next blog, ciao