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Hard Copy Newsletters may be a bit old fashioned, but they do what they’re supposed to do, they get opened & read, while getting your marketing message out there to your potential clients.

It is very easy for us to receive an emailed newsletter and send it to the junk mail without giving it another thought. But with hardcopy Newsletters, it begs to be opened, because we can’t resist seeing what awaits us inside that envelope!

Before you Print your Newsletter, it important to set some clear goals & objectives. What would you like your Newsletter to achieve? Will be for ‘News’ only, will you be offering advice? Will you put a sales message in there? How often would you like to Print your Newsletter, monthly, 6 monthly, yearly? Who is going to receive your Newsletter?

You must consider the following before you Print your Newsletter:

Content Development time: Who is going to do the researching & writing?

Newsletter Layout/Design: Who is going to set your Newsletter up so it is Print Ready, it is recommended to use a Professional Graphic Designer to help you with this, to have your Newsletter looking the best it possibly can.

Printing: Ensure you liaise with your Printer first to ensure you setting up your Newsletter to make it as cost effective as possible.

Postage/Mailing: It is very important to consider your mailing costs, will you mailing merging addresses onto envelopes?

Jett Print Newsletters are printed on a high quality 150 Gsm Gloss Paper in full colour at a standard size of A3 folded to DL.

You can view our standard Newsletter pricing here, all sizes & options are available, POA.









If you have any questions about our Newsletter Printing or any other Printing, please email us. We have printing solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers (Byron Bay) & The Sunshine Coast.

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