If you own a restaurant, you need to consider how menu printing could help you maximize your profit. For most restaurants, the role menus play in your business is straightforward: it is your face to the customer. Your restaurant’s menu is an essential part of daily operations. From setting the tone and presenting your brand. Considering all that they do, there’s a big reason it is encourage to put more effort into your menus. In order to get the most from your menus, you will want to carefully plan the initial design as well as the menu materials you choose. On an ongoing basis, you want to be sure your menus are easy to read, easy to clean, and generally put their best foot forward in representing your business.

Now that you know its importance, the next thing to decide on is how will you present it. There are many designs and format to choose from, here are a few:

Single page restaurant menu

The entire menu is placed on a single page, either vertical or horizontal. This format is commonly in use by fine-dining restaurants, prix fixe menus, and farm-to-table restaurants that constantly change their menus based on seasonal ingredients.

Two-panel, single fold

This is the most common type of restaurant menu. Like a book, the menu opens so that all menu items are visible across two pages.

Three-panel, two-fold

For larger menus, the three-panel, two-fold menus allow restaurants to showcase a wide-variety of dishes. These are often found at pubs, casual, and family style restaurants.

Many panel booklet

For very large menus, this booklet accommodates a wide-variety of dishes. This menu format is most commonly found in family-style restaurants and accommodates shared-plates quite well.

Most of the time, we tend to have a closer and thorough look at the menu of the restaurant or takeaway shops. So, making this first experience turn into a long-lasting relationship is the ultimate goal of the restaurant owner and for that, the food menu has to be impeccable.

Menus are an essential aspect of any restaurant, or food or beverage service business. Jett Print offers menu printing for dine-in menus as well as takeout menus, in a variety of sizes and folds. Print in full color and choose a glossy UV coating or a matte finish to complete the look of your menu. Furthermore, We’ve chosen quality paper as well as cardstock that provide strong durability and excellent color reproduction. Plus, they’ll feel good in your customers’ hands.

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