Marketing your Hair & Beauty Salon may seem like a daunting task, but Jett Print love to help businesses of all types succeed, and we do this by giving them tips & suggestions, it’s not just about printing here in the Jett Print office, there is a whole lot of brain storming as well!

Jett Print was approached by a client inquiring about Marketing their Hair & Beauty Salon, things had gotten a bit stale, they weren’t getting too many new clients, just regulars who came in & got the same old services & treatments regularly, are you seeing a trend in a use of a certain word here? Regular! No one wants regular any more, why should a client go to your hair & beauty salon over the one around the corner?

Here is how Jett Print can help you get more clients & keep them coming back for more!

You need to know your clients, every single client that walks in your doors NEEDS to fill out a client card, with the following details: Name (first & last), Birthday month (you’ll see why soon), mailing address, mobile & home phone number & email address. Let your client know that you will be using this data for your records only and you will never share this information with any third parties EVER. Also let them know that from time to time they may receive an email or text from you, not in an annoying way but in a nice, friendly helpful way.

So once you get all this information, you will input it all into an excel spreadsheet with each detail as a separate column (you can download an example here) so it is clear & easily accessible.

But then what?

Here’s where you will make your clients feel so special, they will want to keep coming back for & they will tell all their friends about this amazing hair & beauty salon they go & then all their friends will want to come to you too, which they will, because every time a client leaves your hair & beauty salon , you will hand them an extra few business cards & ask them to pass them onto some of their friends who they feel would benefit from visiting your hair & beauty salon . Never be afraid to ask for referrals, word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising.

But what about the spreadsheet?

Ok, so you will need to keep a close eye on your appointment book, the day before each appointment you need to text your client to remind & confirm them of their appointment. In business hours, around lunch time would be a good time, you could word it like “Hey (Client Name), just confirming your appointment tomorrow at (time). Please reply yes to this number. We look forward to seeing you, the team from “(your hair & beauty salon name)” and when you reply mark in your appointment book their confirmation.

And then?

The next is realllly obvious but it needs to be said! When your client arrives, be happy to see them, compliment them on some part of the outfit, offer them a cup of tea, coffee or water and then you can work your magic on their hair or with your beauty treatments! You may have a sign near the chairs offering a treatment & head massage for $10, if the service they’re getting suits that offer, point it out to them and ask if they would like that additional service today. Make your client feel as relaxed as possible & send them home looking & feeling amazing (don’t forget to give them some extra business cards to pass onto their friends!).

The next day text your client to thank them for coming in to your hair & beauty salon, something along the lines of: “we hope you enjoyed your recent visit to (hair & beauty salon name), we look forward to being of service to you again soon”

Text reminders every 6 weeks for haircuts & whatever suits you for touch up of colours (perhaps every 4 -6 weeks), or other suitable times for beauty treatments.

But why did I ask for my clients birthday month?

This is where their mailing address comes in to play, the month before your clients birthday send out a birthday card (custom printed & branded with your hair & beauty salon  details of course) offering them a free treatment & head massage (valued at $ex amount) with any service booked in the month of their birthday. As soon as they get it, they will be straight on the phone to book, people love freebies!

You can also send out Christmas cards every December to thank your client for their business during the year & let them know that you that look forward to seeing them in the hair & beauty salon in the New Year.

Why did I get my clients email address?

Every 3 months you should touch base with your clients via email, you may want to let them know about a new product or an upcoming special, it’s a gentle reminder for them to not forget about you & go to your competition instead. You must use bulk email software for this, Jett Print can do this for you.

What items do I need printed for my hair & beauty salon?

The obvious being business cards which double as appointment cards, you should also have a price list/menu printed so your clients can take it with them to keep handy too. Gift vouchers are another necessity for all Hair & beauty salons, people love giving & receiving gift vouchers. You should have professionally designed & printed signs strategically placed around your hair & beauty salon , they can advertise your social media (always encourage social media interaction & also post regularly to your hair & beauty salon ’s social media accounts), upsells such as buy this product & get this half price or the head massage & treatment for $10 as mentioned above. Don’t forget to get the birthday & Christmas cards professionally designed & printed too! And of course you need client cards so you can capture all your clients details so you can implement these changes to make your hair & beauty salon  as busy & as profitable as it can be!

If you combine all these tips along with a mapped out social media strategy & a constant online presence (website, local search directories), you will start to see an increase in your profit & client base in no time! Do what the competition don’t, it’s the little things that make your hair & beauty salon stand out. Jett Print can help you with all your Hair & Beauty Salon Marketing needs, email us to find out how.