Need something Vectorised? Let Jett Print Vectorise Your Files

At Jett Print, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with cost saving information that is relevant and necessary in the printing game.

All too often we see the results of cheap & nasty artwork and we would really like to save you the time, energy & expense of that.

So what actual is Vectorisation?

Long story short (‘cause we like to make things easy!):

Vectorising is the process of converting bitmap graphics to line drawings (vector images or vectorising).

Bitmap images are made of up of clusters of pixels and they cannot be enlarged without losing quality and becoming blurry. Generally anything created in programs that are image based such as photoshop are bitmap files and need to be converted separately to vector, they will need to be vectorised.

A line drawing (or vector) consists of dot points that are connected with lines (straight or bent). When enlarging a line drawing, the dot points move and the lines in between move along with it. Vector files are necessary when your job needs to be used at a larger size, without losing quality, than what it was originally intended for.

And why do you need your file Vectorised?

It is a not just a story of quality, it’s a story of client satisfaction just as much as prepress necessity. Vector files are an absolute must in the printing industry and bitmap files are unaccepted when additional embellishments, such as foil printing, die cutting or raised ink options are required on your print jobs.

Basically for the best quality printed job, your file should be a vector, not a bitmap (excluding photographs).

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