A logo is much more than a combination of few colours and shape. Since it is the identity of a company, it needs to be carefully designed. Right from the colour combination to shape, every aspect of the logo must be in accordance to the company’s vision.

Since the time they have been created, logo designs have evolved a great deal with the passage of time.

With every passing year, new logo design trends have surged up and captivated the audience. In this post, we have shed light on some of the latest logo design trends that are widely popular in Australia and worldwide.

Rounded 3D Logos

3D technology has gained immense popularity in the recent times. They are everywhere, right from the icon on our computers to digital magazines. They are engaging, captivating, and appealing; hence, extremely popular.

Social Media Optimised logo design

Social media optimized logo designs have also gained acceptance from the audience in the recent times. These logo designs are easily optimized to be used on social media platforms because of their visual balance and captivating display.

Bright Coloured Logos

Bright colours are back in the business when it comes to the design of logos. They have gained popularity as they immediately draw the attention of the targeted audience. However, the text of the colour of logo must be carefully selected to make it easily visible and readable.

Interaction, Responsive Logos

These are most suitable for digital brands. Such designs, because of their responsive nature, are visually appealing and becoming increasingly popular with graphic designers.

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