Here at Jett Print our Letterpress business cards are a stand out favourite.

When you are after the ultimate luxurious card that sets you apart from the crowd, Letterpress printing is going to be what you are looking for.

Printed in spot colour there are two stand out features of the Letterpress Printed cards. Stock is a big one, Letterpress production can handle the real thick stuff, the heaviest card you can imagine, no flimsy, cheap feeling paper card weights here, the other is the Debossing feature, also known as an Impression, it is the option of a ‘Pressed Indentation’ at either the point of inking or a ‘Blind Impression’, where no ink lays but your mark is clear.

Although it’s a hard one to photograph, we have tried to give you a good look at the blind impression in the pic below, in person, it’s a hard one to beat, it looks amazing!








As a standard, our Jett Print Letterpress Business Cards include complementary pressed impressions* at the point of inking. Online you will find our pricing for 1 and 2 sided printing on the majority of our stock options. *Please double check with Jett Print to ensure your chosen options includes this free service.

Impressive, yes? Jett Print think so and you will too. Please fill out this form to receive free samples of our standard letterpress stocks.

Also available in our Letterpress range is Edge Painting, Round Cornering, other stock options and the ‘blind impression’ feature. Please email us to request a custom quote for these options.

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