Celloglazed products can make your Business stand out from the crowd

It is the difference between a ‘printed product’ and a ‘professionally finished’ printed product.

‘Celloglazed’ is the quality, smooth, plastic-type finish that you can feel on professionally finished printed materials. The celloglazed finish increases the durability of your finished product and is most commonly used on products such as restaurant menus, business cards, book covers, packaging, postcards and greeting cards.

Essentially it increases the longevity of your product, giving it a more robust yet luxurious feel and it also makes a world of difference in terms of quality.

The actually process of celloglazing involves a thin plastic film being completely bonded to the stock using a combination of heat and pressure. Professional celloglazing by Jett Print is a permanent feature and cannot come undone like cheap laminating.

Celloglaze finishes are available in matt, gloss or velvet. The process of celloglazing is additional to the printing process of the product. It can be used on most stocks, gloss or satin coated or uncoated and can be used on just one side or both sides of your stock.

There is a market need for products with both the extra celloglazed finish and those without. Products such as booklet covers are protected by the plastic finish, but the process is uncalled for when it comes to the pages within that booklet.

Gloss, Matt or Velvet Celloglazed?

A gloss celloglazed finish provides a high-gloss, shiny look. Matt celloglazed gives a luxurious, satin finish without the shine and the newest member of the celloglazed family is the very special ‘velvet’ finish, which is a soft touch finish which is almost like fabric. All of these celloglazed options enhance the depth of your printed image underneath, are high quality finishes and each have their own particular uses. Jett Print can help you to decide what finish would be recommended for your job.








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