Jett Print wants you to be happy with your printed product. Proofing your print job properly before printing is a key factor in your happiness with the final result.

It seems relatively simple, right? “Please check over all details carefully” But for some reason, we all find it all too easy to skim over a proof and see only what we ‘think’ we should see. Sadly Prepress Proofing is often the most overlooked or taken for granted step in the printing process when in fact it is the most important step in the print process!

For printers, this Prepress Proof is essential. An ‘approved for print’ proof serves as an agreement between client and printer or designer.  It is the final opportunity for the client to ensure that absolutely everything on their impending print job is correct and that they are completely happy with all details as they appear on that proof. Printing simply cannot proceed until the client has given their approval and verified all details on the job.

Depending on many job variables, Jett Print offers clients the option of either a ‘soft copy’ proof or a ‘hard copy’ proof.

A ‘Soft copy’ proof is the fastest, cheapest and simplest solution for proofing. It is the visual simulation of the final job. Jett Print will email you a PDF (portable document file) Prepress Proof for you to view on your monitor, along with an Approval Form. The soft proofing process is very quick and a standard for Jett Print.

A ‘Hard copy’ proof is a quality print of your job, although it is not colour corrected to the final press produced print result. Hard copy proofs come at a cost, take time to produce and get to you and are necessary only if a client requests to see the job in actual size and some clients find it easier to check details physically rather than digitally.

Clients do need to be aware that although their Prepress Proof is the exact design/layout and typesetting that will appear on their finished product, these proofs are NOT colour correct. Slight colour variances between proofs and press printed final results are expected and accepted in the printing industry.

So what’s all the fuss?

Make sure your job and all details are correct. Ensure there are no errors on your proof. These errors if un-noted will make it to the press and appear on your finished product!!! Take the time to read, check and reread all details on your entire proof (several times even) before approving it for printing. Because at this prepress proofing stage, you can still make changes or corrections, with little or no cost incurred. Reprints due to incorrect details can be costly (and embarrassing).

Remember, printers provide proofs for several reasons but one of the most important of these is to ensure that nothing has gone wrong during the processing of your electronic files. It is critical that you review these proofs and confirm that all is as expected so that together, we can produce high quality, error free printing with no nasty surprises.






If you have any questions about Jett Print’s Prepress Proofing procedure, our online printing or our graphic design services please email us HERE. We have the Design & Print Solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers (Byron Bay) and the Sunshine Coast.

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