Do it once, do it right. This saying couldn’t be truer for getting repeat business.

The first time a customer buys from you should never be the last. Every successful business owner will tell you that the secret to business growth is sales from repeat customers. Repeat sales are the single easiest way of increasing your business revenue.

Below are few ideas that could work for you in getting repeat business

Show your Appreciation

Express your gratitude with a thank you card or a voucher, and it is almost guaranteed that your customers will return to you for their next purchase, not to mention they will talk about you (in a good way!) to everybody they know.

Keep in touch

A well-known marketing strategy is to keep in constant contact with your customers. Whether it by an E Newsletter or hard copy Newsletter sent to them monthly (or bi-monthly). Also giving your customers a gift that they can use every day with your logo & branding, will keep you in front of their eyes & in front of your competition. Printed Pens, Note Pads & Calendars are a great way of doing this.

Always be honest

Never hide anything from your customers, be transparent & upfront when things go wrong, (which they will from time to time). Customers will appreciate your honesty & it will show when they come back to give you repeat business. Being truthful builds trust & people only do Business with people that they can trust.

Be efficient & resourceful

Respond to your customer’s requests in a timely manner. People hate waiting. Offer more information then what they requested, not too much though, you don’t want to bombard them. Useful information will be remembered & appreciated.

Basically the key to repeat business is making sure your Customer Service Skills are right up there! Focus on your Customer & treat them like your Business depends on them, because it does.








If you have any questions about Printing, Marketing or Graphic Design, please email us. We have marketing solutions for any budget and we can help you get Repeat Business, plus we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including The Northern Rivers, The Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), The Gold Coast, Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast.

Til the next blog, ciao


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