A Business Referral is an integral part of growth for any business.

Asking for a Business Referral can be daunting, but put simply, asking is the only way you’re really going to receive any!

Here at Jett Print, our Referral Program is incorporated into our Business Model, we follow up with every single customer after they ordered to ensure they were happy with our customer service & the product they received, once we know they were we contact them directly via email asking them to refer colleagues, family and/or friends to Jett Print.

You should offer an incentive for Business Referrals, Jett Print offer a 10% discount of the referee’s next order once the referral contact has made their first purchase with Jett Print.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and a recommendation coming from someone you know is high on the list of why people choose your business over a competitor.

You have to be prepared to put in the hard yards to ensure your purchasing customers will actually refer you & your business!

Customer service is everything! A customer isn’t going to refer someone to your business just because you ask them to, you have to treat that customer like royalty, that way they know when refer your business, they will be assured that they friend, family member or colleague will be well looked after.

Business Referrals are not accidental, consumers don’t automatically talk about every purchase they make, it doesn’t normally come up in day to day conversation unless your provide such a unique product or service that leaves a lasting wow factor that will make them want to talk about you & your business.

Once your business has been referred by a customer, you must thank them straight away, let them know you really appreciate their recommendation of your business. This can be done via phone call or email, just make sure you touch base with them & follow through with any incentives promised.






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