Fonts are one of, if not the most, important parts of design.

Fancy fonts may look good, but they are most likely ruining your design by not being clear enough to read, you’re better sticking with a font that can be read easily at first glance. If you use a font that is hard to read, chances are no one will make the effort to try & decipher the words!

Font types are a thing of preference. It depends what look you are going for. The most commonly fonts used in design are sans serif (old style, slab, glyphic etc) or serif (square, geometric, humanistic etc). You can read more on the font differences here.

Using bad fonts in your design can be disastrous (it sounds so ominous, but it’s true!). A corporate company using comic sans or papyrus in their marketing will never get taken seriously!

Here is a list of fonts to avoid if you want to keep a professional image about your business:

Comic Sans



Brush Script

Copperplate Gothic



Bradley Hand

Below are some Jett Print’s favourite fonts:


Open Sans



Pluto Sans


Museo Slab

Mostra Nuova

Size and weight of the fonts you use can also make a big impact in your design. A typeface can come in many weights, from ultra – light to ultra- black, this is mainly only common in professionally purchased fonts, regular fonts (web & on professional based), usually only come in regular & bold weights.

Head here for some font inspiration!






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