Environmental Printing is the way of the future, it is here to stay!

Jett Print are proud to say that the majority of the printing we do is environmentally friendly

What is Environmental Printing?
Environmental Printing is a term used to describe the result of environmentally-friendly practices being used in the production of printing. It may involve energy efficient factories, waste minimization and elimination of water on the press, avoiding environmentally harmful chemicals and, of course, using sustainable or recycled paper.

What are the benefits of Environmental Printing?
There are several benefits to Environmental Printing, with the most obvious and important being the positive effect on the environment. The environmental benefits are numerous, including less waste and energy use, a healthier workplace, and ease of recycling. Additionally, there are benefits from improved efficiencies and productivity.

How does Environmental Printing work?
Environmental Printing can be done on either a Digital Press (using Recycled stocks printed on with non-toxic toner) or an Offset press (Using Recycled Stocks printed on using soy/vegie based inks). Offset Printing also uses Waterless printing, which is an offset lithographic printing process that eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing.

What are the benefits of waterless printing?
There are many benefits to waterless printing, including:
• Environmentally friendly with no water, no chemicals and less energy use
• Faster turnaround times
• “High definition” print results with finer detail
• Consistent colour
• Better colour saturation
• Low dot gain, more detail
• No water means increased colour gamut
• No ink and water balance
• More paper options
• Faster make-readies
• Less waste and energy use
• Optimal efficiency and productivity
• Constant print quality
• Elimination of inherent conventional offset defects caused by the water and ink mix
• UV-curable inks do not contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), are 100% solvent-free and do not result in the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

What about Recycled & Sustainable Stocks?
Jett Print Offer a wide variety of recycled & sustainable stocks. Some recycled stocks don’t even look recycled! Recycled Paper comes in many styles, recycled matt brown, glossy & white, cream & smooth. If there is paper stock available, chances are there will be a recycled or sustainable option suitable to the look you are after.








If you have any questions about Environmental Printing or Green Printing or any type of printing, please email us. We have printing solutions for any budget and we deliver to anywhere in Australia, including The Northern Rivers, The Tweed Coast (Tweed Heads), The Gold Coast, Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast.
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