Jett Print commonly gets asked What are the different Paper Sizes & Dimensions?

In fact a  client asked me just the other day what size was an A5 piece of paper? It got me thinking that not everyone knows what paper sizes mean or what the dimensions are. Over the years I have become so consumed with paper sizes that I have, in the past, referred to everyday objects to it, I once called a Triple A battery an A3 battery, oops!

Below is a list of standard paper sizes & dimensions

A0      841mm x 1,188mm

A1      594mm x 841mm

A2      420mm x 594mm

A3      297mm x 420mm

A4      210mm x 297mm – This is the standard size you will find in your office copier

A5      148mm x 210mm

A6      105mm x 148mm

DL      99mm x 210mm

Basically the smaller the number is after the A, the larger the piece of paper is. There is also B size paper, but they are not commonly used in printing, except for plan printing (house blue prints etc).

Download a visual representation of paper sizes and how they relate to each other. You can see that if you keep folding the piece of paper in half you create the next size down, for instance A4 is half of an A3, A5 is half of an A4 etc.

It’s important to note that envelope sizes are not the same dimensions as paper, envelopes have to be larger so that the paper that goes inside fits. Watch out for an upcoming blog on envelope sizes.








Not everything has to be a standard size, if you want to print something that is a custom size, email Jett Print your size requirements, or go here & download our templates

Til the next blog, ciao

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