Die cut Business Cards are nothing new, they have been around forever, BUT the thing that keeps them fresh is the shape you decide to cut your business in, the options are endless!

Jett Print can die cut your business card to any shape you need, we have some existing shapes, or we can draw up a new shape to suit your business perfectly!

With the innovate developments in die cutting technologies, today’s companies and savvy entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the variety of artistic options die cutting allows them to turn their once two-dimensional business cards into die cut business cards that promote their brand and product with creative, multi-faceted flair.

But what exactly is a die? It’s essentially an extremely sharp blade fixed onto hard, sturdy backing that is flexed to a desired shape. When the die is placed onto the material to be cut—be it cardboard, foam, rubber, or a slew of other materials—it cuts it in the specific shape it was contoured to. The result is a perfectly cut prototype that can be produced over and over again. Later, those fundamental shapes can be tailored for specific orders, but the base shape remains fixed on the die so the manufacturer can always have it at the ready.

Because die cutting allows companies to produce large amounts of a particularly shaped business card, they save time and money, and the grueling alternative of cutting and shaping each individual cards is avoided.

Jett Print die cut business cards look unique & individual. They are printed in full colour on your choice of stock, we can die cut as many or as little as you need!

The manufacturing and marketing possibilities are endless. Businesses can tout their brand and products using more complex cuts and shapes that specifically speak to what they’re selling. For instance, a furniture company can create a portion of its business card to “pop up” in the shape of a particular piece of furniture, like a table or a couch, or an interior designer can create an interactive handout the allows potential clients to turn a wheel cutout to see different color combinations.

Jett Print die cut business cards are sure to make your business remembered when they’re handed out.

No longer limited to traditional marketing using basic shapes, today you can use die cut business cards to explore an explosion of creativity to increase consumer interest in your particular brand.






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