Perfect Bound Books are one in all the foremost fashionable kinds of softcover books.

This binding type offers an impressive look for a comparatively low value.  Also, short runs of good certain books is made rather quickly on digital presses, whereas medium to long runs is made on a spread of offset presses.

Catalogues, manuals, directories, how-to guides, workbooks, biographies, novels, and magazines are just some types of certain documents that may be made with the right binding methodology.

Whatever the supposed use for your good certain book is also, below are some tips for supplying the design file for the cover…

1) Contact Jett Print to find out he spine width/size

You won’t be ready to settle your book’s cover design unless you know the exact size of the spine. The width of the spine is set by 2 things: 1) the quantity of pages within the book and 2) the thickness of the paper used for the internal pages.

To ensure accuracy, it’s best to obtain the spine width from the actual printer (hopefully Jett Print!) who are manufacturing your book for you.

2) Don’t Lay Out the quilt elements on an individual basis –

Ie. your cover needs to be 1 file not front, back & spine, it needs to be laid out from the left: Back cover + Spine + Front Cover. In exact mm measurements.

3) Text on the spine – up or down?

Printing info on a book’s spine, like the title, permits the book to be simply known whether or not it stands vertically on a shelf or lies horizontally during a stack. If the spine of your book contains text, make certain the printing is adjusted toward the direction you propose it to be browse. Whether or not the words run up the spine or down the spine could be a matter of private preference, there is no standard for this. Also, make certain the text isn’t too little and is targeted properly on the spine. If the book’s spine is extremely slim (less than a 5 mm) it will not allow much space for written text.

4) Follow bleed & crop marks instructions as per regular print file set up

You can read more about those here






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