Custom Printed Candle Labels have become increasingly popular here at Jett Print.

Custom Printed Candle Labels are perfect for your candles to show off your style & branding.

Printed Candle Labels need to be produced by a professional printed as they know what the right adhesive is to use for Candle Stickers.

Candle stickers need to be printed on a specific adhesive suitable for heat, such as vinyl or mylar.

Jett Print can produce Custom Printed Candle Labels in either a clear or white sticker material, whichever to suit your candle product.

Jett Print Printed Candle Labels can be adhered to either the candle itself or the outer packaging.

Coming on rolls or top cut on sheets or individually cut, Jett Print Printed Candle Labels are printed & delivered to you ready to use straight away.

How to apply Printed Candle Labels: It’s easy! Simply peel off an apply where you desire.

Many Candle Makers have seperate stickers to use as warning labels as well. This is a must to be in line with Australian Fire Hazard requirements.

Our Printed Candle Labels come in black, 1 or 2 colour or even full colour, so you can ensure your candle stickers will be vibrant & last the distance.

Jett Print also offer custom printed packaging for Candles. This can sometimes be a more economical option verses Custom Printed Candle Labels, depending on your requirements.

We have printed thousands and thousands of Printed Candle Labels for so many Australian Candle Companies over the years, so we know what is right for you.

So what best Printed Candle Labels is suited for you?

If your Candles comes in a glass jar, we recommend that you stick the candle labels directly onto the jar, as well as your custom branded packaging if you put your candle inside a box.

Please contact Jett Print for your Printed Candle Labels if you live in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We deliver for free Australia wide.