There are many ways Printing can help your Business & save you money!

Here at Jett Print, in Mullumbimby, we have helped many businesses put their printed material to good use: Advertising (Flyers, Brochures, Drink Coasters etc), Record Keeping (Daily Taking Sheets, Invoice Books, Filing Cards etc), Client Gifts (Note Pads, Magnets, Thank You Cards etc), POS (Point of Sale) Material, (Pull Up banners, Posters etc).

One of the biggest things we see is Businesses printing Letterheads & With Compliments Slips with their Company Logo with full Branding, so that they can over print in their office printers with just black ink or toner. Since the Stationery comes printed in full colour, over printing on them saves a lot of time which in turn, saves money. Printing your own Stationery in full colour on your office printer can chew though your expensive printer ink/toner & can look unprofessional, sending out the wrong message to your clients.

Setting a budget for printing is also very helpful, you need to sit down & work out what printed material your business uses & forecast how much you order in a year (or six months, whatever works for you). As a case study, if you are using 500 Letterheads every month & only ordering as you use them, this can be quite costly. 500 Letterheads cost $192 (with Jett Print), so over 10 months you would be spending $1,920, BUT if you ordered 5,000 Letterheads this would give you 10 months’ supply and only cost you $756 (with Jett Print), saving $1,164. That saving alone could be used on an advertising campaign to get more customers through your door, or even better, profit in your pocket!

Getting printing done in bulk is a wise decision and can be very beneficial. Unit cost can drop dramatically between quantities, and majority of the time it is much more economical to get twice the amount than you originally considered ordering.






Contact Jett Print today to see how we can help you save money on your printing.

Til the next blog, ciao

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