Fonts: The good, the bad & the ugly

Fonts are one of, if not the most, important parts of design. Fancy fonts may look good, but they are most likely ruining your design by not being clear enough to read, you’re better sticking with a font that can be read easily at first glance. If you use a font that is hard to [...]

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Bump up your advertising with Jett Print Bumper Stickers

Click here to see our standard bumper sticker pricing & order online! Bumper stickers are one of Jett Print’s most popular products. Printed with UV fast inks, our bumper stickers are UV resistant and waterproof, ensuring they will last for years. Jett Print bumper stickers are perfect to apply on car bumpers, car windows, shop [...]

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Custom Printed Car Magnets = advertising on the go!

Click here to see our standard Car Magnet pricing & order online!   Car Magnets are a great way to get your business advertising on the move. Printed on a .9mm heavy duty magnetic rubber with a polyester laminate for extra protection. Jett Print Car Magnets aren't going anywhere! Applied to vehicle doors, Jett Print [...]

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Print Wood Business Cards for a sturdy impression

Click here to see pricing for our Wood Business Cards & Order Online! Jett Print Wood Business Cards are ideal for businesses in certain industries that really want to be remembered by potential and existing customers. Jett Print wood business cards are printed digitally in CMYK using nontoxic toner. This is an ideal printing process, [...]

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Jett Print offer all Finishing Services

In printing, Finishing refers to additional embellishments done to print products, other than just standard printing. Finishing options can occur before the printing comes off the printing press (called inline), but many finishing options occur after the printing comes off the press (called offline). A lot of printers have a Finishing section, which solely performs [...]

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Business Cards are for more than just Business

Click here to see pricing for our Business Cards & Order Online! Business Cards are for more than just Business Sharing your contact information is important on so many levels, especially if you are in the business world. It doesn't matter what your business is, you can spread the word about how to contact you, [...]

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How Jett Print can help you with Starting a Business

Starting a Business is not something that happens over night. Starting a Business can have many benefits, and if done correctly can be very profitable & successful. There are many things to consider when Starting a Business: How will you fare financially? Will you need to employee people? Can you do you own accounts & [...]

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Printing For Accountants

Printing for Accountants At Jett Print we understand the unique needs of the Accounting industry. As an Accountant, well-organised documentation can make a world of difference to your professional life. Our printing for Accounting services are particularly suitable for Accountants in need of printing. Jett Print respect the confidentiality of your business and assure you [...]

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Use Gift Vouchers to Increase your Sales

Click here to see pricing for our Gift Vouchers & Order Online! Gift Vouchers are probably one of the most underutilised marketing tools for Business’s. Offering Gift Vouchers for your customers to purchase as presents for another person, opens the door to double your clientele & boost your sales. People love getting Gift Vouchers as [...]

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Let Jett Print take care of your Web Hosting

Web Hosting is one of the many services that Jett Print offer to help you run your Business with ease.   What is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is the 'space' on the internet where the website pages/images/coding are stored, so they can be accessed by visitors. You need Web Hosting so your website continues to [...]

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Using Social Media for Business

Using Social Media for Business There are some businesses that are run solely through social media alone, without the use of a website, this is not a decision to make lightly, doing so would need the skills of an experienced social media marketing guru, do not attempt this alone! Using social media for business present [...]

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What do your Logo Colours say about your brand?

Did you know that a product’s Logo Colours influences 60 to 80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision? Choosing your logo colours is an important decision because of its long term implications and its role in creating differentiation among competitors’ logos. When designing your Logo you want to be sure that you are using the [...]

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Use Wobblers & Shelf Talkers to Sell your Products

Click here to see pricing for our Wobblers & Order Online! Draw attention to your product with Wobblers & Shelf Talkers! Funny name, but Wobblers & Shelf Talkers are a seriously smart way to promote your business. They can be placed wherever you like and are particularly useful near counters and displays where customers are likely [...]

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Graphic Design Services Get Your Business Noticed!

At some stage in your professional life, you will require the skills of somebody who excels at Graphic Design Services. You may need Graphic Design Services for many reasons, such as: Graphic Design Services for Logo - Make your first impression a good one with a professional logo design. Your logo will work across all [...]

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Personalised Christmas Card Printing Made Easy!

Click here to see our Christmas card options & Order Online! Personalised Christmas Card Printing is a fantastic way of saying thank you to your Valued Customers or as a quick & easy way of keeping in touch with Family & Friends. Who has the time to sit down & hand write Christmas Cards? Jett [...]

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Affordable Online Printing Services Australia Wide

Click here to see our range of products & Order Online! Jett Print | Online Printing Australia Wide Welcome to Jett Print, we offer a wide range of Online Printing Services, including the following: Online Printing of Business Cards Online Printing of Brochures Online Printing of Flyers Online Printing of Stickers Online Printing of Business [...]

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Online Business Card Printing – Do it Right

Click here to see pricing for our Business Cards & Order Online! Online Business Card Printing is easy, right? Well for most people, the answer is yes, but you need the right guidance, so you make a good first impression with your Business Cards. Naturally you want your Business Cards to project a positive image. [...]

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Jett Print Sample Packs

Jett Print Sample Packs are designed purely for potential clients who are genuinely interested in doing Business with Jett Print. The samples in our Sample Packs are custom printed with Jett Print branding on a variety of stocks & finishes. To see more about our sample packs or to request one, please click here  

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Printing for Real Estates

Printing for Real Estates Jett Print offer quality Printing to Real Estates to help sell more homes & get more listings. At Jett Print we understand the unique needs of the Real Estate industry. As an Real Estate Agent, well-organised  & perfectly presented documentation can make a world of difference to your professional life. Our [...]

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Printed Drink Coasters are an Economical form of Advertising

Click here to see Jett print's drink coaster options & Order Online! Drink Coasters are the perfect marketing tool, attract potential customers attention while they’re relaxing with a beverage! Drink Coasters are everywhere, and while you may think that no one takes much notice of them, you may not even beware of how the advertising [...]

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Canvas Printing Made Easy

Click here to see Jett print's canvas options & Order Online! Jett Print loves Canvas Printing! Seeing your images come to life on Canvas is magical. We only use the highest quality materials & processes to ensure that our Canvas Printing lasts forever. Jett Print Canvas Printing is done in full colour (even when your [...]

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Printed Teardrop Flags are a Smart Choice for Promotion

Click here to see Jett print's Tear drop flag options & Order Online! Teardrop Flags are guaranteed to attract the attention of passing car & foot traffic. Jett Print Teardrop Flags are produced in full color using Dye-sublimation printing with UV-resistant inks on 110 Gsm Knitted Polyester, this combined with aluminum & fiberglass poles & [...]

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Choose Jett Print for your Website Design

Click here to see Jett print's website design options Jett Print love to create quality Websites. We pride ourselves on customised, clean, crisp website design, that is not only pleasing to the eye but is also easy to navigate for the user. Jett Print are a trusted choice when looking for a quality Website Design [...]

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Wedding Invitation Printing Tips

Click here to see our wedding stationery options & Order Online! At Jett Print we’ve helped countless Brides spread the word through gorgeous Wedding Invitation Printing. Every Bride wants their Wedding Printing to be perfect. With extensive experience in Wedding Printing, there is nothing Jett Print love more than helping Brides Design the perfect Wedding [...]

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Printing Magnets are the Perfect Solution for Advertising

Click here to see Jett print's magnet options & Order Online! Magnets are the perfect solution for long lasting advertising, due to their usefulness your customers will see them every day, which means they will think about your business every day! They are a very cost effective marketing tool, making them the perfect little thank [...]

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What does Resolution mean in the Print World?

In printing, the term Resolution refers to the sharpness and detail of images. Higher resolution means more image detail. Lower resolution means less image detail. Generally speaking, resolution is the degree to which the eye can distinguish the varying components of an image. On a more technical level, the term resolution refers to a numerical [...]

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Make your Business stand out from the crowd by printing Pull Up Banners

Click here to see Jett print's pull up banner options & Order Online! Pull Up Banners are one of the most versatile & cost effective forms of signage. Banner printing (Pull up Banners, vinyl roped edges Banner) and other forms of large format printing (posters, corflute signs) are staples of the advertising industry. There's nothing [...]

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Printing Brochures is vital to any Business

Click here to see Jett print's brochure options & Order Online! Printing Brochures ensures that your existing & potential customers have all the information they need on your Business, providing you with an advertising & marketing tool that is cost effective & long lasting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the information you [...]

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Custom Printed Bookmarks are a cost effective way to promote your Business

Click here to see Jett print's bookmark options & Order Online! Bookmarks are a great promotional tool because they provide repeated exposure to your customers. And because Bookmarks serve such a useful purpose, they’re not just skimmed over once and then hastily discarded when people receive them. A custom printed bookmark is one of the [...]

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How to Get Repeat Business

Do it once, do it right. This saying couldn’t be truer for getting repeat business. The first time a customer buys from you should never be the last. Every successful business owner will tell you that the secret to business growth is sales from repeat customers. Repeat sales are the single easiest way of increasing [...]

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Think Green & Print Green with Environmental Printing

Environmental Printing is the way of the future, it is here to stay! Jett Print are proud to say that the majority of the printing we do is environmentally friendly What is Environmental Printing? Environmental Printing is a term used to describe the result of environmentally-friendly practices being used in the production of printing. It [...]

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What’s the Best Graphic Design Software?

Using the correct Graphic Design Software will ensure your printed material is produced at optimal quality. Which Graphic Design Software will give you the professional results you’re after? The answer depends on your needs. You can create a file Microsoft Word, Publisher or Paint, it’s certainly not the preferred software for professional printing purposes. If [...]

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Why Carbonless Books are still useful

Click here to see Jett print's carbonless book options & Order Online! Even though technology has given us many alternatives when it comes to keeping documents, there are some means which may seem be a bit old fashioned, but yet still very effective. One of these is the use of Carbonless Books, in duplicating and [...]

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Printing for Lawyers

Printing for Lawyers At Jett Print we understand the unique needs of the legal services industry. As an attorney or solicitor, well-organised documentation can make a world of difference to your professional life. Our printing services are particularly suitable for lawyers or solicitors in need of legal printing. Jett Print respect the confidentiality of your [...]

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How Printing Flyers Can Help Your Business

Click here to see Jett print's flyer options & Order Online! Flyers are one of the most basic and economical promotional pieces. It is usually produced as a single, unfolded printed sheet that draws attention to a specific product, service, or event. A flyer should contain a very simple message that can be conveyed quickly. [...]

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Why you should have Custom Printed Letterheads

Click here to see Jett print's letterhead options & Order Online! Letterheads seem to be a thing of the past, with so many businesses getting caught up in the digital age, people forget that everyone loves receiving ‘snail mail’. It’s easy to dismiss an email in our inbox, we hit delete without even a second [...]

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How Printing Stickers can benefit your Business

Click here to see Jett print's sticker options & Order Online! Stickers are a great promotional tool. They can be applied to pretty much any surface and are very economical to produce. Stickers can be printed in any colour combination, cut to any shape (circles, hearts, stars, any shape!) and can have a variety of [...]

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Benefits of Printing Presentation Folders

Click here to see our presentation folder options & Order Online! Presentation Folders are folders, usually made of cardboard, which is Die Cut to a certain shape, so that it folds over & has bottom flaps (pockets) that fold up & interlock so that you can put loose documents inside it, to keep them in [...]

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Envelope Printing and Design Made Easy

Click here to see Jett print's envelope options & Order Online! A lot of the times when clients supply Jett Print with their envelope file for printing, it’s not the right size. It’s an easy assumption to make that a DL envelope would the same size as a DL flyer, this is not the case, [...]

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Why you should use a Professional Graphic Designer

A Professional Graphic Designer can benefit your business in more ways than one, you may think that you can’t afford to utilise the services of a Graphic Designer, the fact is, you can't afford NOT to use a Professional Graphic Designer. Below is a few points to take into consideration 1. Doing your own Graphic [...]

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What does CMYK Stand for?

Jett Print are frequently asked this question about the “CMYK” acronym. Simply, CMYK stands for four ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. In Offset printing these four CMYK colours are applied to the paper in layers. By overlapping these four colours in various concentrations, a huge number of other colours can be created. [...]

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Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

Digital Printing & Offset Printing both have their advantages & disadvantages. Jett Print offer both options & each job is run using the most suitable printing process.   Digital Printing works by sending a file direct from a computer to a digital printer, which immediately prints it onto paper. High quality digital printers use lasers, [...]

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How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

Jett Print believes everybody needs a Business Card, but how do you make your Business Cards stand out amongst all the other ones in your potential client’s or business partner’s possession? Back in the day a Business Card just had a logo & contact information on it. A trend is emerging where everyone wants to [...]

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What is a Print Ready File & how to create one

Jett Print likes to give as much information as they can to make the ordering if your printed material as simple as possible. We understand not everyone is a Graphic Designer and/or a Computer Wizz. Below is some information that you might find handy when setting up your artwork so you can supply a Print [...]

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Jett Print likes to keep Printing Terms simple

Here at Jett Print, we like to keep things simple, if you don’t understand the print terminology we are using, just ask us & we will explain it, so we’re both on the same page. When you have a conversation with your printer, do you feel like they are speaking another language? Below is a [...]

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How Printing can help your Business & Save you Money

There are many ways Printing can help your Business & save you money! Here at Jett Print, in Mullumbimby, we have helped many businesses put their printed material to good use: Advertising (Flyers, Brochures, Drink Coasters etc), Record Keeping (Daily Taking Sheets, Invoice Books, Filing Cards etc), Client Gifts (Note Pads, Magnets, Thank You Cards [...]

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