Business cards have been used to promote trade for a very long time and are still considered vital in the growth of any business.

Marketing tool

Although being known and used for ages for interactive and promotional purposes Business cards are still considered as a Powerful Marketing Tool in the present time. Any startup, no matter what field it belongs to has to rely on these cards to get sales and growth.

Quality of business cards matter

While designing and printing these cards it is very important to keep in mind that the paper being used or the card is printed on is of high quality. As it will create the first impression of your business and will also show your loyalty towards your work. Investing in these cards is always a wise act.

Color will help last long

Colors play a huge role in creating emphasis and also help to grab the attention of the eye. So it is advised to make effective use of colors while designing your cards as it will not only make your card stand out but will also last for a long time in people’s memory and most probably they will keep it with them for long.

Business cards Impact sales

Well designed, brief and simple cards act as an important tool to upsurge your business and can boost your sales. A good business card should only contain contact information, location, and briefly describe what you do, that’s it. Don’t put additional information regarding your services and other aspects.           About 79% of small and medium business owners use these cards and brochures as marketing strategies.

Trends in different countries

Business cards have a history and have been used in different countries with different practices. China and Japan have great importance for these cards and there are different ways to present and accept these cards. The cards are presented with both hands while text facing the person being offered. And it is a compulsion to read the card first before putting it in the pocket. Although in U.K, Australia, and America there are no such rules, and the cards are just used for business purposes.     Story of Folds These cards have a story of folds from history. Different corner folds indicate reasons for arrival. For example, if the upper left corner is folded it shows that the person paid a congratulatory visit. Similarly, lower left corner fold used to represent a condolence visit. Jett Print offer you a one of a kind design service, no fuss online printing, friendly customer service and a quality guarantee. To view our entire range of printed products and services click here. 5 interesting fBusiness cards in springfield