The holiday season is a perfect time to connect with your customers in a cheery way. Whether it be to show your loyal clients you care, to warm up current leads, or even entice new ones with some powerful branding campaigns. There’s a tremendous chance to use the seasons to your marketing benefit.


Here are 12 captivating holiday marketing ideas to get the wheels turning.

 Add Christmas Flair to Your Branding

Something that almost any business can do is to update all branding with a bit of festive flair. You can adjust your logo materials and social media profile pictures to incorporate Christmas elements. This should be done both online and in any printed media. Make sure it doesn’t negatively influence brand recognition. Don’t worry about the costs. The costs can be justified by the fact that you can reuse these images for several years to come.

Reward Your Loyal Clients/Customers

Your loyal customers deserve a reward, online or physical, why not thank them by having offers exclusive to them?. Although digital coupons and coupon codes work best with online stores, brick-and-mortar businesses can still offer print-at-home coupons that are promoted exclusively for them.

Go Greener with a Digital or Printed Catalogue

Green is in during Yuletide season. You can incorporate a digital or printed catalogue to present them. Your catalogue can be send out to your entire email database and made available on your website with links on social media or in store. An added advantage of this is you can also display them in public and at other local businesses your audience visits.

Switch to Holiday and Product Specific Advertising

Naturally, your ads at this time of the year – both online and print – should include a bit of Christmas flair as discussed earlier. However, it is smart to also limit any campaigns which focus on brand and service awareness. Emphasis should be in favour of campaigns which highlight your seasonal offers and products, promote your business as a good destination for Christmas shopping. They should also be designed to drive sales rather than awareness alone. For online ads you should ensure that they link to specially designed landing pages that make it easier for customers to quickly buy any product being advertised. It is also important not to forget that this is an ideal time to promote gift idea’s, either as standalone products or in themed collections.

Host a Local Charity Drive

Christmas is a time of giving: we give gifts to family, friends, and even work colleagues. As a business, you’re also giving something to your customers in the form of discounts, special offers and other incentives and rewards. But what about your local community, outside of your customers? You could host a food drive, donate a percentage of all sales during a specific period to them (and ask your customers to try match this), or even organise a toy or clothing drive.

You want to gracefully show that you support local initiatives while encouraging your customers to also become involved, and tactfully including some brand awareness.

Collaborate with other Businesses

Relax, nobody is expecting you to work with a direct competitor, but rather a small business whose product or services complement your own. The idea is for these complementary businesses to offer bundled deals which effectively promote each other, and encourage customers to support both. By way of example, hair salons and nail salons can offer gift bundles over Christmas which include treatments at both establishments. This idea is better suited to small businesses who offer complementary products, and are located close to each other. It can be adapted for online retailers too.

Organise a Christmas Themed Contest

If you’re not yet ready to host a charity drive, you can still get your customers involved through a contest. More specifically, a contest that requires them to do more than just spend a certain amount with your business: ask your customers to submit photos of themselves wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, or a video of them singing Christmas carols – with a prize, of course! All entries should be posted on your social media channels, and although you can link these contests to instore purchases, this idea is more about generating publicity and having fun.

Get Customized Printed Holiday Cards

Depending on how much personal information you collect from customers, consider making holiday cards personal again by having them printed and sent out via the postal system. And unless you are sending out hundreds of cards, you can take this a step further by writing the customer’s name on the card. This should be done with a short-personalised note. This does require a little more forward planning and effort, but it is a strong reminder to your customers that you see more than just a customer.

Include a Small Gift in Your Holiday Cards

Regardless of whether you send out digital or printed holiday cards, including a small gift – such as an exclusive discount – is an awesome way to remind your customers that you appreciate their support. This also encourages them to continue supporting you. And if you are able to personalise this gift by linking it to the products they each buy most often, even better.

Use posters to promote your messages

If you want to announce a Christmas sale. Posters excite and attract a local target audience, you can put it beside a Christmas tree for example. Also, Christmas campaign poster can quickly capture attention on the walls and windows of your own business.

Alternatively, you can also display them in public and at other local businesses your audience visits with the owner’s permission.

Always Have Gift Cards Available

No matter how well your customers plan their holiday shopping. They are likely to have at least one person who is difficult to shop for. They are likely not to have a gift idea available for such person. Help these customers – and your business – out by ensuring you have gift cards available for purchase. Gift cards for use in your business. If you have switched from selling physical gift cards to providing digital cards, ensure you have prominent signage indicating this. Also, ensure that you at least provide some physical representation of the gift card.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Decor/Atmosphere

Finally, you don’t want to neglect creating the right atmosphere for this time of the year. While our first point covered adding Christmas flair to your branding. This point is about incorporating Christmas flair into your business as a whole. At the very least consider providing a gift wrapping service. You can also offer your customers a mug of hot chocolate, or other seasonal drink on entering your business.

Most of the ideas listed above can undergo changes that will make it work for different business types. This is to make it work on different marketing channels. Use these tips to make all of your holiday marketing dreams come true!

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