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Custom printed envelopes create a professional image for your company & also give a great first impression.

Jett Print’s standard envelopes sizes are DL, DLX, C5 & C4 and are print in full colour 1 side (face).

Other stocks & print options (black, 1 & 2 colour) available, please email us for a quote on any of these.

All Pricing includes GST & Delivery


A lot of the times when clients supply Jett Print with their envelope file for printing, it’s not the right size. It’s an easy assumption to make that a DL envelopes would the same size as a DL flyer, this is not the case, envelopes are made larger, so documents can easily fit inside without getting damaged.

Below is a list of standard envelopes sizes & measurements

DL          110 x 220 mm

DLX       120 x 235 mm

C6          114 x 162 mm

C5          162 x 229 mm

C4          229 x 324 mm

B4          250 x 353 mm

Click here to find out more about envelopes.

Custom printed envelopes make a strong impression, whether it is your first exposure or your hundredth. It’s important to keep the design clean & simple. Also, when addressing your envelope, be sure to check the guidelines at Australia Post to avoid a delay in delivery. Don’t forget to have your return address clearly visible, in case it gets lost in the mail.

Envelopes can be printed in a variety of colours, starting with just black, 1 or 2 colour or full colour. It’s imperative that you stick with your branding & always have your logo printed on them.

Envelopes are available in plain or window faced, also with a variety of sealing options: self-seal, peel & seal, lick seal. If you are sending sensitive documents, you can choose to print on secretive envelopes, so that the enclosed documents cannot be seen from the outside. They can also be made with specialty paper if you want to be just that little bit memorable.

Jett Print have kept their envelopes clean & simple, as you can see below:









If you would like to order custom printed envelopes printed for your Business, contact Jett Print today, we’re always happy to help.

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Additional information

Envelope Size

DL (110 x 220 mm), DLX (220 x 235 ), C5 (229 x 162), C4 (324 x 229)


Plain Faced Peel & Seal, Plain Faced Self Seal, Window Faced Peel & Seal, Window Faced Self Seal

Print Colours

Full Colour


500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000

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    Envelopes look great/different sizes never a problem for Jodie.

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